Who We Are

HEET educates about energy use.

HEET (Home Energy Efficiency Team) is one of the only organizations in the Boston area that provides free, practical education to local communities, teaching people how to:

  • Perform hands-on energy-efficiency actions here and now
  • Take action on gas leaks in their neighborhoods
  • Make the transition to renewable energy and the power we want


HEET takes practical actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions here and now, while helping people live more comfortable, healthier, and less expensive lives.


Through our actions, we socially market motivation and a can-do attitude while teaching hands-on skills to reduce emissions. By working with a wide range of organizations, we engage people from all backgrounds, income levels, political beliefs, and races. Only with everyone working together can we significantly reduce our damage to the climate.

HEET teaches energy-saving skills.


Given the current climate emergency, we cannot afford to waste any energy, time, or money. We consider efficiency the first, smartest, and cleanest renewable energy.


Our experience shows that HEET can move faster than cities or companies to run innovative programs and do research that otherwise would not happen.   


We work on programs that offer the greatest likelihood of reducing the most emissions for the least cost. In our nine years, we have run:

  • Solar programs for homes and nonprofits
  • Energy efficiency programs for homes, houses of worship, nonprofits, and small businesses

    HEET helped invent the FluxBar, a gas-leak quantification device.

  • Programs educating residents and other stakeholders on the impact, costs, and damage of gas leaks, as well as how to reduce them


We partner with whoever can help us accomplish our goals. Currently, we’re working with the three largest utilities in Massachusetts, the 20+organizations in the Gas Leak Allies, a regional planning agency, Boston University, and several municipalities.

Our Mission

We catalyze community engagement through hands-on educational opportunities, advance clean energy knowledge, achieve climate stability, and create resilient communities.

HEET works with many different organizations to catalyze change.