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Watch Bill Ackley announce the GeoMicroDistrict pilots.

Gushing Natural Gas Leaks

Just 7% of natural gas leaks emit fully half of all the methane emissions. Methane is a potent greenhouse gas. Fixing these leaks is critical to reducing our emissions.

Large Volume Leak Study

HEET worked with National Grid, Eversource and Columbia Gas to scientifically prove how to identify the largest gas leaks so they can be fixed.

Common Goals, Uncommon Partners

At an MIT summit, HEET and three gas companies announced a plan to fix the largest leaks. The plan includes independent verification, data transparency and annual reassessment.

Maura Healey Thanks HEET

Mass. Attorney General Maura Healey thanks HEET for its work to find a way to reduce methane emissions both in this state and nationally.

Energy-Upgrade Work-Parties

Since 2008, HEET has organized work-parties in the buildings of nonprofits where volunteers learn the hands-on skills in lowering energy bills and emissions.

Latest Updates 

Eversource Plans Three Geothermal Pilots

Based on HEET’s GeoMicroDistrict concept, Eversource stated its intention to pilot three geothermal pilots in a document recently filed with…

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Legislation for a Gas-Free FUTURE

After the Merrimack Valley gas disaster, HEET spearheaded ideas for omnibus gas legislation, then worked with Gas Leaks Allies and…

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What does that mean?! Translation: HEET has persuaded ALL the gas companies in Massachusetts to start identifying the largest gas…

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