Energy Shift

Going on the Offense

Why rebuild last century’s infrastructure?

For almost a decade, HEET has been playing a defensive game when it comes to emissions.

Now instead, we’re going to build the infrastructure we need to protect the planet and keep money in our local economy.

We’re piloting a program to use some of the $9.5 billion projected cost of replacing leaking gas pipes in Massachusetts to transition homes to electricity and renewables. 

After all you can’t ever green a fossil fuel like natural gas, but you can green electricity.  With state-of-the-art appliances and renewable thermal, electricity will lower your emissions dramatically.  

As more renewables come online, the emissions and cost will reduce further.

Wasted Energy, Time and Money

  • Nearly one third of the natural gas pipes under our streets in Massachusetts are aging and leak-prone
  • At current rates, the cost for replacing all these leak-prone pipes will be $9.5 billion
  • The Department of Public Utilities has approved the ratepayers bearing this cost

    Replacement cost: $100,000, Length: 295 feet

  • The work will happen over the next 17 years, damaging our streets and disrupting traffic
  • The new pipes will last for 60 years, long past when we will have transitioned to electricity and renewable energy

Why Rebuild Last Century’s Infrastructure?

Instead, offer street-segments of customers along cul de sacs the choice of using the funding to transition to electricity. The local gas pipe can then be shut off, rather than replaced.

The result would prune the “tree” of the gas infrastructure, creating a more orderly, less expensive transition to a modern grid.

The Pilot Program 

HEET helped Cambridgeport Baptist get solar.

  • Residents along dead-end streets in selected municipalities compete to persuade 100% of their gas-using neighbors to go electric
  • The winning street gets free state-of-the-art electric appliances and insulation
  • The work is performed under the guidance of renowned experts at the same or lower cost than replacing that gas main

Our Goal

Our demonstration aims to persuade the DPU to enact regulations to allow street-segments worth of customers choice about how the gas main replacement funding for their block is spent. These regulations would unlock ratepayer funding for electrification.